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Tsz Shan Monastery, Hong Kong

An afternoon at Tsz Shan Monastery with a new lens (Fuji 55-200mm)





New Zealand – South Island

This was a ‘back to my roots’ trip during which I took a few photos – so not a definitive view of New Zealand’s South Island but hopefully enough to pique your curiosity.

Milford Sound below also happens to be a location used for the movie ‘Alien Covenant’ – you’ll see great views of Fiordland even in the Trailer.  Trailer – Alien Covenant


Looking for Treetop Walk in Macritchie Reservoir Park

A quiet Saturday in Singapore, a trip to the Tree Top Walk in Macritchie Reservoir Park, 1 hour by bus, 1 hour walk each way – OK.

On arrival, guided by Google, I was greeted by a sign saying track closed and recommended path led around the reservoir – no choice.

A 2 hour(in total) walk became nearly 5 hours – good practice, at least, for upcoming walks.

As for the Tree Top Walk …..

This is about the journey, rather than the destination.



Sri Lanka trip – gallery


Venice – a break from the crowds

Venice is – beautiful, crumbling, historic, ultra commercial, smelly, fascinating, crowded ……

We took a break from the crowds around the Rialto Bridge and Piazza San Marco, ….. and wandered.

There were a few surprises – an embrace in the darkness, a trompe l’oeil doorway, very focussed football in a side street, silence, only a few people about …..

A somewhat arbitrary division of the photos:

The back Streets & Canals

Night Walk

Interiors and The Secret Tour

The back Streets & Canals

Night Walk

Interiors and The Secret Tour


Day Walk in the Tyrol – garmisch-partenkirchen

We took a train from Munich to Garmisch-Partenkirchen , raining, track flooded, had to transfer to buses – not looking good at all.

The clouds parted for a beautiful walk  starting with a very funky looking cable car, which surprisingly lifted us up to the high pastures without incident.

The walk loooped back to where we started via a delightful mix of Forest, Pasture and Canyon.





Dark Matters: Leaves











Hints of Darkness – Siem Reap, Cambodia




South America Part 2 – Patagonia(El Chalten, El Calafate, Torres Del Paine)

El Chalten

By now feeling better and into Patagonia ‘proper’ – interrupted by a trip to El Chalten hospital for a suspected infection. Doctor speaks no English and my Spanish is extremely limited – conversation was reduced to me pointing to inflamed area:


Doctor – ‘Si’


Doctor ‘Si’

Doctor ‘ Penicillin OK’?


Doctor then managed to convey – if not better in 4 days you must get medical help!’


Then we hit the trails around El Chalten with occasional views of Mt Fitz Roy through the gaps in the clouds.

El Chalten- Los Cóndores and Las Águilas trail
El Chalten- Los Cóndores and Las Águilas trail
El Chalten- Los Cóndores and Las Águilas trail
El Chalten- Los Cóndores and Las Águilas trail
From the trail to the Huemul Glacier
From the trail to the Huemul Glacier
Near El Chalten
Near El Chalten – forest trail – first glimpse of fresh melt water from the Huemul glacier
Huemul Glacier Near El Chalten
Huemul Glacier Near El Chalten

No photos from El Calafate or the Pireto Moreno glacier – had too much fun watching massive chunks cracking & crashing from the glacier face. El Calafate – nice town, nice accommodation and food but not too many obvious photo opportunities for me.

Torres Del Paine

Torres Del Paine
Torres Del Paine – en route by rental car

The goal of the trip and great to go from guide books and maps to the real thing!

There are 3 common treks in Torres Del Paine collectively referred to as the ‘W’ plus a less popular trail ‘the circuit’ which includes the W and much much more.

We chose to travel between the legs of the W via rental car – first stop at Hotel Las Torres to walk to the Torres viewpoint(leg 1 of our W), back to the hotel and drive to the Lake Pehoe Ferry  for an overnight at Refugio Pehoe and do as much of the French Valley trek as we could(Leg 2) then back across Lake Pehoe and drive to Lago Grey where our last W leg consisted of a ferry trip to Refugio Grey, camping overnight, kayaking and a glacier walk(which unexpectedly included a strenuous 1 hour clamber over broken rock to the glacier and then back of course).

2 lessons learnt – it is very easy to trip over yourself when wearing crampons – luckily no major damage done and a trekking company’s ’45 minute walk’ isn’t always as you might imagine it.

Leg 1 – Walk to Mirador Las Torres.

From the hotel there is a steady climb(400m approx) to where the photo below was taken – followed by many ups and downs and a final up hill to the Mirador(viewpoint) around the corner in the distance. Total return distance of 18km and altitude gain for me of 680 metres(a bit more for my wife as she walked all the way to the viewpoint).

Despite the trail seeming busy there are actually only 2 tiny dots visible ahead from here.

Torres Del Paine - part of the walk to the Mirdaor
Torres Del Paine – part of the walk to the Mirador
Cool fresh Patagonian Glacier water.
Cool fresh Patagonian Glacier water – tasted beautiful.
Torres Del Paine - on the trail
Torres Del Paine – on the trail

I have a soft spot for rotten, fallen and decaying things.

Torres Del Paine - part of the walk to the Mirador(view point)
Torres Del Paine – part of the walk to the Mirador(view point)
Torres Del Paine - part of the walk to the Mirador(view point)
Torres Del Paine – part of the walk to the Mirador(view point)
Torres Del Paine - part of the walk to the Mirador(view point)
Torres Del Paine – part of the walk to the Mirador(view point)
Torres Del Paine - part of the walk to the Mirador(view point)
Torres Del Paine – part of the walk to the Mirador(view point)

No photo from the viewpoint? The last ’45 minutes’ looked like a killer and I wanted to enjoy the trip back to the hotel without risking a twisted ankle etc etc. So my wife carried on to the top(we stayed in touch by walkie talkie) while I had a nap in the sun before a leisurely walk back to the car. My wife, on the other hand, hurried back to ensure we met the Lake Pehoe ferry  had one fall and broke her trekking stick – but no injury other than to pride.

Mirador Las Torres - the last climb
Mirador Las Torres – the last climb

I had hoped a few tiny figures would be visible in the photo on the ridge but no luck – it is steep!

Las Torres are just peaking over the ridge in the middle.

Leg 2 – Refugio Pehoe to French Valley

A quick drive from Hotel Las Torres got us onto the Lake Pehoe ferry on a perfect afternoon.

Lake Pehoe - on the ferry to Refugio Pehoe
Lake Pehoe – on the ferry to Refugio Pehoe

The return trip the following day revealed a very different Lake Pehoe – blasts of cold wind, horizontal rain and white caps with the passengers huddled inside the cabin and one person, who had been blown over by the wind, just behind where photo below was taken, in the centre of the cabin on a stretcher with a broken leg – hopefully with travel insurance!

Refugio Pehoe to French Valley
Walking from Refugio Pehoe to French Valley – trail goes through the bare trees at the end of the lake and then left up the valley

On the return walk the wind roared around us, occasionally turning the lake into a white froth and sending small tornadoes slamming into the bare trees. A larger tornado started a whirlpool in the lake before in turn rushing off into the trees. No photos sadly – our focus was on staying upright, hanging on to hats and enjoying ‘shock and awe’ Patagonia style.

Lake Pehoe - bare trees
Lake Pehoe – bare trees
Mingi on the Refugio Pehoe to French Valley trail
On the Refugio Pehoe to French Valley trail
French Valley - first view point
French Valley – first view point – it was difficult to keep footing to take photos  while being buffeted by the wind

Having reached the first viewpoint we were concerned about getting to the return ferry in time – so that was it for French Valley – time for a very windy trek back to the Refugio Pehoe and waiting in  the ferry queue in horizontal rain.

On the other side – I don’t recall ever being so excited to see a car – we walked quickly to the car jumped in – motor on and heater turned way up.

Time to look back at the return ferry – looked like many of the passengers had no idea what  conditions awaited them at the Refugio and Trail.

A few were turned back, the ferry was full.

Leg 3 – Lago Grey

Lago Grey micro landscape
Lago Grey micro landscape
Lago Grey
Lago Grey
Lago Grey - briefing
Lago Grey – briefing
Lago Grey - nervous anticipation
Lago Grey – nervous anticipation
Lago Grey - intrepid kayakers
Lago Grey – intrepid kayakers crossing Lago Grey
Glacier Grey
Glacier Grey – zoom in – the tiny kayaks are close to the glacier middle left

On return trip infection returned so off to outpatients in Santiago – tests, much head scratching by doctors – opinion – infection which was accompanied by a large bill – different antibiotics, which worked this time.





The building on Ladder Street

I have watched this building for a few years – sometimes occupied, sometimes empty with dry leaves blowing around the yard and always slowly crumbling.

The location is prime and the building’s days have clearly been numbered.

First came the shiny metal doors to stop the squatters and then the demolition workers.

They are very proud – ‘we will put up a very tall building here’. I’m sure they will and it will be very modern and nice.

No more spooky shadows, no more traces of former residents, no more squatters, no more washing drying outside or sitting in the sun reading magazines.

Farewell spooky old building.

Photos – mixture of Panasonic LX7 and Fuji X-T1


Oneroa Beach, Waiheke, New Zealand – a September afternoon

Confronted with a choice – a rainy day in Auckland or a rainy day on Waiheke Island. Simple.

Dodged showers while dragging my bags to the bus stop, caught the ferry to Waiheke and checked in at The Courtyard(should have taken photos but suffice to say a fairly typical Kiwi ‘bach’ with 2 nice rooms for guests out the back and very helpful host Jilly).

A short walk to the village for a very nice lunch accompanied by a couple of glasses of Awaroa ‘Requiem’ Cab Merlot Malbec ’12 from Waiheke Island.

Then the sun comes out for the afternoon – making me a local hero for 5 minutes – ‘Ah you must have brought the sun with you’.

Last visit about 40 years ago – it has changed but not that much and the kiwi beach life style is, judging from objects on the beach and chatty locals, alive and well. The locals do seem to spend a lot of time moaning about Auckland and people from Auckland – typical islanders I guess.

Loved the local wines and restaurants but a little pricey even after NZD’s recent drop.

Some of the photos below have just begged me to do them in Black & White – I don’t normally mix B&W and Colour but what are rules for if not …

All photos – Fuji X-T1, 18-55 lens


Japan road trip

Japan is a favourite destination, friendly people, a different culture, clean and very organised.

And as a bonus and the first time for us the car navigation system could communicate in english but even still a bit of ‘fun’ finding the exact location for returning the car in Kyoto.

And yet another new experience – Electronically Assisted Bikes(EAB) – we rented a Panasonic in Kyoto and a Yamaha in Nara but honestly they are almost identical. These bikes do not go anywhere unless you pedal but when you do they step in to help – an ‘amplifier’ for your efforts if you like. A bit like a permanent tail wind.

Loved these bikes – no worries about battery life as we did a whole days exploring without using more than 30% of the battery on both occasions.

The trip went without a hitch – arrived Nagoya and left town quickly for 2 nights in Takayama. Then a stop in Shirakara and 2 nights in Kanazawa, then Kyoto and Nara.

For me photographs require time to absorb the surroundings and unfortunately we did not have that much time in all locations so not all spots are represented below – just some favourites.


Photos – Fuji X-T1

Takayama – Night walks 





Gaudi’s La Pedrera, Casa Battlo & Guell Park

There are 3 of Gaudi’s works in this post – La Pedrera, Casa Battlo & Guell Park all in Barcelona.

Another post covered his Sagrada Familia – the stunning interior

La Pedrera – below are some of Antoni Gaudi’s fantastic roof decorations.

This building is mentioned in 1 section of – Laszlo Krasznahorkai’s ‘Seiobo There Below’ – clearly the author found this building to be very ugly.

The following pictures are from Casa Battlo some interiors and again roof decorations.

Gaudi’s Guell Park, a popular spot for locals and visitors. The star attraction is a very touchable Salamander.


Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia – the stunning interior

Gaudi has been on my ‘list’ since studying and failing architecture in the early 1970’s.

We had a few days to enjoy Barcelona and immerse ourselves in Gaudi’s work – Sagrada Familia, Casa Battlo, La Pedrera & Guell Park.

We had no idea what to expect when we stepped inside, the exterior is impressive, fascinating – the interior is another world.

Photographically I was reminded of a trip to photograph in Antelope Canyon in the US southwest – see Antelope Canyon – then it was rock carved by water and mud while here it was the work of a man – Antoni Gaudi.

By the time we stepped outside we had spent more than 4 hours wandering and amazed.