30 Houses Area – Hong Kong

In the spirit of Covid times I have been exploring my neighbourhood rather than further afield. This time a wander through the Wa In Fong Lanes.

Most of the buildings on these lanes are in the hands of the Urban Renewal Authority, pending an acceptable redevelopment approach for the future. In the meantime the buildings slowly crumble, graffiti artists add their contributions to the street gallery and only a few signs of former inhabitants remain.

There used to be a friendly gentleman in residence, partially hidden from the street below, a bit down the lane from “Death Is Free”. His bed was set up under a half dozen umbrellas in case it rained. I have not seen him for many years.

This area was heavily bombed during the Japanese Occupation in WWII and became known at the time as the “30 Houses Ruins”.

The older buildings visible today date from reconstruction after the war.

This is not an architectural/historical review, there are plenty of those, but rather just my response to the streetscape as it remains today.